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Cleaning Services: Tips on keeping your workplace clean

July 31, 2017

The condition and cleanliness of your workspace can have a huge impact on the culture of your organisation. A clean, efficient and presentable work area helps to keep staff motivated and organised, and it leaves a lasting impression for new and existing clients.


At Dellar Cleaning, we provide a number of cleaning services in and around the East of England.


We’re always providing clients with tips and advice for keeping work areas as clean as possible. These have been highlighted below:


Creation of Eating Areas

Eating at desks or at a work station is sometimes unavoidable. But did you know there can be over 3,000 organisms per square inch on a keyboard and over 1,600 on a computer mouse? Designating an area for employees to eat lunch will help to prevent potential health hazards and create a cleaner working environment for all staff.


Use of Storage Systems

Using filing and storage units and cupboards can help to keep workspaces clear from clutter. Clean workspaces will guarantee productivity and ensure staff are working as efficiently as possible. To avoid clutter, try to reduce the amount of printing and save digital copies where possible.


All workspaces should have accessible storage areas to prevent hazards, tripping, fire and pests around the workplace.


Provide the correct bins

Having a variety of bins located around the workplace can help with the efficiency and cleanliness of an area. It can reduce the clutter that accumulates at work stations. They also help the office or workroom to stay clear for when visitors and clients visit the workspace.


Recycling bins located around the office can also help to reduce waste and help organisations achieve an environmentally-friendly atmosphere. We provide central recycling bins at a competitive cost. These bins encourage recycling and help to reduce a businesses environmental footprint. They also encourage people to move away from their computer screens for Health and Safety reasons and not to put confidential waste in their small desk bins.


Monitor your cleaning services

Cleaning work areas and spaces should be more than a one-time project. It’s important to maintain cleaning services on a regular basis and monitor cleaning reports to ensure health and safety hazards do not occur.


For every cleaning service we undertake, we provide the client with a comment book that is kept on site at all times. This is checked at the beginning of each shift and signed once any such cleaning issue has been dealt with. This ensures that a clean, happy and safe working environment is maintained at the spaces and places we provide services for.


Regular cleaning services

There are certain cleaning duties that should be carried out by professionals to save your organisation time and money. The cleaning of carpets, windows, walls and extensive storage areas can be a time-consuming task for employees, so using a professional cleaning company can assist with this.


At Dellar the Cleaning Company we understand how hectic work places can be. Therefore we provide a professional and bespoke cleaning service to all our clients. Our cleaning schedule can fit around you and your employees to ensure your workplace remains clean at all times.


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