Floor Maintenance & Restoration

Dellar The Cleaning Company takes pride in its specialist floor maintenance and restoration services. Works described below can be carried out as a one-off floor restoration service or under a regular floor maintenance programme.


Our specialist floor maintenance and restoration uses the latest state-of-the-art machinery and products to restore and maintain a range of different hard surfaces. Our revolutionary machinery can clean and restore Natural Ceramic, Quarry and Terrazzo tiling and grout to their original condition. We can also provide strip and reseal to vinyl flooring.


Works carried out include stripping flooring and hard surfaces removing dirt, grime and excessive sealants and coatings. Deep machine scrubbing removes persistent layers of grime. Sealing products can then be applied to protect surfaces and finally polishing and buffing produces a finish with a visual impact that is second to none.


Our floor cleaning services can also remove mineral scale, soap scum, embedded stains and body fats. A similar technique as detailed above is applied to tile and grout deep cleaning to floors, showers, wet rooms, changing rooms and swimming pools.


Whatever your requirement, our floor maintenance and restoration services can help – get in touch, or click below to find out how.