Gutter Cleaning

At Dellar The Cleaning Company we have invested in a SkyVac Gutter Cleaning System. It has a a twin motor with carbon fibre poles reaching 40ft/12m high. It also features a camera to enable precision cleaning.


This means that we do not need to use access equipment such as ladders, cherry pickers, scaffolding etc. For this reason, not only are our quotations much more competitive, but we also provide a much safer solution to gutter cleaning.


It also works well for internal high level cleaning and is extremely popular amongst schools, shops and other blueprint areas. With gutter cleaning on an average-sized house taking around 30mins – 1hr, labour costs are also minimal. This, furthermore, allows us to ensure the most competitive price.


We would be eager to book in a demonstration or visit relevant sites to provide you with a gutter cleaning quotation. Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Watch the video below, which gives you a further insight into the use of the SkyVac.