Window Cleaning

At Dellar The Cleaning Company, we believe window cleaning training is a fundamental requirement that all full-time Cleaning Operatives undergo. Our staff are experienced in providing both forms of window cleaning: Traditional Method and ‘Reach & Wash’.


Our traditional service provides exceptional results with careful use of ladders and a professional approach. Traditional window cleaning is better suited to internal glass and lower ground floors, however, our window cleaners are also proficient and experienced in the use of elevated platforms such as cherry pickers, scissor boxes and large truck mounted machines. This enables us to access those hard-to-reach areas.


Our ‘Reach & Wash’ system eliminates the need for ladders. This can be particularly beneficial to older, more fragile historic buildings or large modern buildings with external panels and modern features. ‘Reach & Wash’ can also be used to clean external cladding, fascias, signage and various other building exteriors. The ‘Reach & Wash’ window cleaning system produces 100% pure water through water fed, carbon fibre poles reaching 70ft+. As the water is pure, it dries naturally leaving your windows spotless with no watermarks and the lack of detergent residue means that windows do not get dirty as quickly and stay cleaner for longer.


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